This is  exclusive luxury skincare program from Biologique Recherche. After 4 years of research, Biologique Recherche has developed a unique Skin Treatment Program: The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Program. Drawing on its expertise in exceptional customized skin care, Biologique Recherche now extends its individualized approach to the development of made-to-measure skin care products.

The ultimate customized treatment, products are tailored specifically for you…

The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Program combines the brand’s clinical approach to beauty with 6 months of personalized treatments designed to deliver extraordinary results.

Similarly to all Biologique Recherche Methods, this exceptional program is founded on three fundamental phases:

1. Cosmetological evaluation of the skin

2. Initialization

3. Treatment, spread over a period of 6 months, beginning with an individualized measurement session.

Measurement Session

The vastly different approach of Biologique Recherche is based on an uncommon, non-static vision of skin treatment according to the Skin Instant©. This is why the treatment starts by an initial assessment with a medical doctor, who carries out a precise dermo-cosmetic diagnosis in order to identify specific Skin Instant© problems. The evaluation is backed by a visual analysis, photographs and a dermo-cosmetic questionnaire.

Preparation Phase

This preparation phase allows time to reinforce, soothe and rebalance the skin with the help of products from Biologique Recherche face care range. The skin will then be prepared for the customized treatment under the best possible conditions.

Induction Phase

The first box set is delivered at the beginning of the second month. It includes a gentle skin treatment which will meet the skin’s specific needs for balance and prepare the epidermis to receive a more intensive treatment.

Booster Phase – 3rd to 5th month

The 3-month Booster Phase is designed to address the underlying problems concerning the treated skin.

Rebalancing Phase – 6th to 7th month

The last two box sets help stabilize the Skin Instant©. The skin is re-conditioned and the specific problem has been treated.

A personalized diagnosis every month

Each month, an appointment with a member of our staff will ensure that the treatment is perfectly tolerated and adapted. Prior to the treatment, a member of our staff will carry out an in-depth dermo-cosmetic diagnosis to identify Skin Instant© evolution using Biologique Recherche’s unique Skin Instant Lab©.

A personalized treatment every month

Two boxes are delivered: one for the client home regimen and the other for our use during your treatment. The formulas of subsequent Haute Couture box sets are likely to change throughout the duration of the program; the concentration and the selection of active ingredients will vary in order to reach the set objective.

The 6-month Haute Couture box set contains 2 creams and 8 specially formulated serums: a collection of over 60 specifically targeted active ingredients provides a solution to the particular problems of all Skin Instants©.

Final Assessment

At the end of the 7th month, a complete overview assessment of the Skin Instant© with a medical doctor will conclude the Haute Couture Program.


You may contact us for more information on this exclusive treatment!

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