Biologique Recherche Gel ADN Silkgen


Biologique Recherche Gel ADN Silkgen 1.7 oz.

To better meet the problems of dehydrated or stressed skin instants. Biologique Recherche has reformulated the Gel ADN Silkgen. A fresh and moisturizing active gel that tones and softens the skin. This product is formulated with Salmon DNA and Silk proteins to fully protect the skin from external aggression and preserve precious epidermal water.

Tighten pores and unifies complexion.
Smoothes and softens the epidermis.
The skin is instantly silky, fresh and bright.
It is ideal for frequent travelers, people exposed to dry climates or for use after plastic surgery.
It is recommended for all skin types.
Resutls: Tones, moisturizes, protects and softens the skin.



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