Vesna Stojanovic opened the Mt. Washington Spa to provide the finest skincare services available.

Before Vesna  opened the Mt. Washington Spa in Baltimore Maryland, she earned her recognition and her devoted clientele for her anti-aging skin and facial treatments and her extraordinary waxing skills.

Award winning Vesna Stojanovic has over 30 years of extensive experience in the U.S. and with productstreatments and techniques exclusive to her from Europe. Her Study of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, as well as her continuous State of the Art Training, makes analyzing and prescribing the proper treatment for your skin accurate.  She has perfected the European art of custom blending her masks using all of the natural products, which are exclusive to her from Europe, here in the United States.

Vesna’s dedication to each individual client, her touch of Mediterranean Elegance,   the loyalty from clients and the many honors awarded is  why she remains the Queen of Brazilians and is #1 for maintaining your Fountain of Youth!